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By Mike

supermatch ammo

Recently I came across Freedom Munitions, an Idaho based company specializing in both new and remanufactured ammunition. Initially I was skeptical. They are not a huge company. They do reloads. There is not a lot of information on them other than their paid commercials and paid 3 gun sponsors. And these days, anyone with reasonable prices on ammo seems to be suspect. So, with curiosity and their price point getting the better of me, I ordered some of their SuperMatch Precision Ammunition in 9mm. This particular load comes in a 124 grain hollow point.

I know what you are thinking! Who runs hollow points for match-grade ammo? This does go against tradition, but it is not automatically anathema! What if you could use the same ammunition for target / competition shooting that you use for self-defense? You would get consistent performance no matter what the scenario. This is assuming, of course, the Super Match ammo is good enough for self-defense. Be honest, how many self-defense rounds do you shoot annually? With every trigger squeeze costing a buck or two, I’d guess most of us do not shoot enough of it. But what if you could? This idea got me excited!

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