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By Tactical-Life

The following is a release from CrossBreed Holsters:

In response to consumer demand for more versatile carrying tools, CrossBreed Holsters is introducing the latest in its line of handcrafted holsters: the Freedom Carry.

What sets this new holster apart from its predecessors, according to CrossBreed Holsters, is that while most holsters only allow for carrying in one position, the Freedom Carry can be worn in several positions without sacrificing comfort.

The new holster additionally allows for carrying larger firearms in the appendix position, a unique feature not found in most holsters. The goal with Freedom Carry is to offer the comfort expected out of all CrossBreed Holsters products and the versatility expected from modern gun-owners.

The Freedom Carry is available for more than 300 different firearms, including those with some lights, lasers and micro red dot sights. It is available in hand-dyed, black cowhide; premium, tan cowhide; and natural, tan horsehide, when available.

The Freedom Carry retails for $64.50 and is available now.

For more information on the Freedom Carry line and other products from CrossBreed Holsters, please visit

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