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By Jim Clary

Frankford Arsenal Reloading Stand

Dr. Clary reviews a new reloading product, the Frankford Arsenal Reloading Stand, for home ammo makers that fixes a common issue.

Frankford Arsenal Reloading Stand
Jim Clary

U.S.A.-( Over the past sixty years, we have mounted our reloading presses on a variety of tables and benches.

Sometimes they worked and at other times, the repetitive movement of the ram during resizing caused multiple table tops to rupture, fracture, or just plain disintegrate.

If that sounds familiar, then you now know that you have not been the only one to experience those irritants.

Mary’s father, Larry Eastman, was a skilled mountain man here in the west and reloaded all of his own ammunition for everything from mountain lions to prairie dogs.

He never did anything without thoroughly thinking it through. So, when I spotted his reloading bench, I knew what I had missed all those years…. a 1/8″ metal plate under the presses extending outward away from them to “absorb” the stress and take most all of the pressure off the table top. With that plate, your reloading bench/table top can even be made of particle board.

Frankford Arsenal Reloading Stand

Which brings me to the new Frankford Arsenal reloading stand. If you …Read the Rest

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