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By Brandon Curtis

By Dan Zimmerman via The Truth About Guns

Hey, you know what might be a good idea in the fight against amorphous, hard-to detect threats posed by a nihilistic, violent enemy that wants nothing more than to stage high profile, high casualty attacks against sovereign nations and their people? Let’s arm the populations of those potential targets so that when that enemy does manage to pull off an attack, the chances of slowing them down and limiting the carnage are increased.

It’s such a crazy idea, it just might work!

You know who’s come around to that way of thinking? Our assiduously anti-gun friends the French.

French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve on Saturday called on young citizens to become reservists and help boost security forces in the wake of the country’s latest terror attack.

France’s “operational reservists” include French citizens with or without military experience as well as former soldiers.

“I want to call on all French patriots who wish to do so, to join this operational reserve,” said Cazeneuve.

After last week’s attack in Nice, the current government’s coming under withering attack for its inability to prevent these atrocities. Their conclusion: add more …Read the Rest

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