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By John Crump

Criminal Gun Laws Never
Criminal Gun Laws Never

U.S.A.-( Fox News is known as a conservative news source, and most conservatives back gun rights. It was a little shocking to me when I saw their website running an article by Hollie McKay on guns that was using scare tactics to push for new laws.

The article starts by highlighting that only one out of ten criminals buy their firearms legally. It then tries to separate criminals from “mass shooters.” According to the article, mass shooters mostly use legally purchased guns.

This distinction is trying to separate violence by using superficial terms to push an agenda. It ignores that most people who die from being shot is not from mass shootings. Most people shot each year by someone else is in the commission of a crime other than in a mass shooting. Most people who die by being shot are from self-inflicted gunshots during a suicide. Ms. McKay is cherry-picking data to arrive at her pre-determined conclusion.

What the article doesn’t tell you is that the chances of people shot in a mass shooting are incredibly low. You have a higher chance of dying by getting wrapped up in your bed …Read the Rest

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