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By Ammoland

RCBS Trim Pro Power Case Trimmer Kit

By Bob Shell

Four Reloading Tools for the Homemade Ammunition Maker
AmmoLand Gun News
AmmoLand Gun News

Apache Junction, AZ –-( Everyone knows that you need a press, dies and similar tools when you start loading homemade ammunition .

What doesn’t always come to mind are tools that are necessary for a successful reloading operation that you might not think of when starting out. Most companies that sell reloading equipment include the items that you need to get started but seldom all off the stuff you need to make it easy and enjoyable. You can then spend a lot of time shopping as the selection of reloading toos is so wide.

Here is my take on four reloading tools you should not reload without.

Redding Case Trimmer

One thing that is often overlooked is the case trimmer. If you do straight case handgun ammo it isn’t necessary. However if you do bottleneck rounds then sooner or later a trimmer is necessary.

If you allow the cases to stretch a couple of problems will crop up. They will be difficult or impossible to chamber especially in a tight chamber or semi-auto weapon. Accuracy will suffer because the bullet won’t be released …read more

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