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By Chris Eger

The Sportsman’s Paradise could see a package of pro-gun laws signed in the coming days. (Photo: Chris Eger/
Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards has a four-pack of gun rights protections headed to his desk after the Republican-led state legislature passed them this week by large margins.
The measures include proposals to strengthen Louisiana’s firearm preemption law, loosens a ban on concealed carry permit holders exercising their rights in places of worship, and further protect gun rights in times of emergency or disaster.
Edwards, a Democrat, will have to decide to sign or veto the measures, which were approved in most cases by veto-proof margins, in the next few weeks. Indeed, one passed unanimously in the state Senate.
The bills include:
House Bill 140, which girds the state’s preemption law by limiting the authority of local and parish governments to ban the legal possession of a weapon except in places already barred under state law.
House Bill 334, modifies the current ban on a concealed handgun permit holder bringing their firearm with them to a church or other place of worship so long as church leaders support such carry. In 2018, Edwards signed a bill easing state regs on volunteer church security carrying guns to protect their flock.


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