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By Brandon

Just four months into concealed carry, a fellow reddit user had to draw his firearm after two armed thugs came into his place of work.

Shared with permission, here is his story:

Hey all, I just want to share my experience real quick.

Background: 21 M, I’ve been carrying my Ruger SR9C for about 4 months now.

Tonight I was getting ready to close up shop at my work, which is a small, one man retail store. About 15 minutes before closing two guys in masks with an AK47 (that was probably fake) tried to rob me. I pulled immediately and they ran.

The whole thing happened so fast. They were in and out in less than 10 seconds. I called 911 and my boss and they responded quickly. Cop there in 5 minutes and 10 more within 10 minutes, along with dogs and forensics. I was surprised and pleased with their response.

One thing that disturbed me is how many people, including cops, that told me they would have/I should have/next time I should shoot them. I am glad I was carrying, it did it’s job to protect me. I did not feel the need to shoot though. They were turned around running …Read the Rest

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