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By Jeff Wood

Being prepared will ensure a more comfortable hunt. (Photo: Jeff Wood/
Preparation is key to a successful hunt and while it’s easy to remember the most obvious items like camo, arrows and your deer tag; there’s more to deer hunting than just shooting the animal you’re after. With that in mind let’s go over a few things you can do to ensure a successful hunt.
DO Prepare Your Equipment
Besides a standard checklist of the necessities – zeroed rifle, ammo, knife, hunter orange, etc – it’s a great idea to also have an equipment readiness checklist. Check scope rings and action screws as well as any mechanics that could cause issues in the field before heading out to make sure it all works properly.
I prefer to test fire my hunting rifles just before the hunt. This not only serves as a function test but also works to foul the bore. Leaving my barrels fouled before a hunt, I find they shoot more predictably in the field. Make sure you also have the tools on hand necessary to service your equipment should it be needed.
In addition to primary equipment, it’s always helpful to have backups available in the event there is


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