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By Tim

Picture of foster couple that had their license pulled...

Picture of foster couple that had their foster license pulled…

Tonight’s article comes as a shock to this family that has had hundreds of foster children come through their home. They have reason to believe that their legal gun ownership cost them the children under their care.

It all started on the night of April 3rd when the Beber family was awakened by screaming from the neighbors that were at the front of their home.

“Let me tell you something, my hands were shaking,” Kristi said. “I’m calling 911.”

“You want to protect your family and your house,” Rod said. “As a (Conceal and Carry a Weapon card) holder, one of the first things you want to do is take control of the situation.”

The police arrived without incident and the situation was handled. There were no arrests, and no charges. The weapon was not brandished or fired. A report was filed, but it doesn’t end there.

Three months after the incident, the Beber’s foster license was pulled by the Department of Family Services. The reason for the license pull was described by the document sent to them, “the incident did not describe an adult exercising sound judgment.”

The DFS cited a law that forbade any foster …read more

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