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By Tom Knighton

When my son was still little, he reached the age when it was time for him to have some toy guns.

My father used my toy guns to help teach me the rules of gun safety. I was required to follow those same Four Rules we’ve all heard time and time again. It was pretty smart of him to do that, too. After all, kids screw up while they’re learning, but with a cap pistol, the stakes are much lower. If I messed up and did something wrong, there was zero chance of anyone getting hurt. That way, when I was old enough to handle a real firearm on my own, I already knew what to do. It was ingrained into me.

Granted, I ignored his rules when he wasn’t around, but that’s something else kids do.

Regardless of my youthful transgressions, having a toy gun was a good thing for me and my son. Now, my daughter has a cap pistol herself. She, too, has to follow the rules.

However, a former officer with the NYPD seems to disagree with my stance on toy guns. He thinks they’re uncool and wants kids to think they’re uncool too. So much so that he’s created …Read the Rest

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