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By Tom Knighton

Anytime you allow a bureaucrat to have the power to make a decision over whether someone gets something or not, you introduce the potential for corruption into the system. In the case of guns in New York City, the government gets to decide who gets to own a gun and who doesn’t. Because of this, there’s always going to be those who don’t want to be told “no” and will do all they can to hedge their bets.

For those on the other side, it can be difficult to say no in the face of money that no one will know about, especially if you’re of less than stellar moral fiber.

Which may well be what happened in the Big Apple, where a former NYPD officer admits to taking money in exchange for granting firearm permits.

Paul Dean faces up to five years in prison for orchestrating a bribery scheme between at least three dealers and law enforcement officials in the city’s licensing department to fast-track applications for gun permits and overlook certain clients’ violent criminal histories.

“Paul Dean betrayed his duty as a former leader within the New York City Police Department to protect and serve the public,” <a target="_blank" href="" …Read the Rest

Source:: Bearing Arms

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