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By Robert Farago

If you watch the video above — and I know that’s like asking you to listen to nails on a chalkboard (ask your parents) — the narrator says “The Brady Bill would have mandated background checks for gun purchases.” WOULD HAVE? Ignorance aside — no wait. Why would we do that? Ignorance is how both Ms. Clinton and Senator Sanders roll when it comes to gun control. “In our state, guns are used for hunting,” the self-proclaimed socialist progressive (progressive socialist) proclaims, denying the fact that . . .

Vermont gun owners use their firearms for self-defense, defense against government tyranny and shooting soda bottles (ask your parents). Or that gang bangers use guns for hunting, too. Anyway, if you missed last night’s debate, don’t worry. Be happy that either candidate — or Hillary’s yet-to-be-named, less-indictable replacement — will get out the pro-gun vote. And how. And that neither one is hiding behind “I support the Second Amendment but…” weasel words. Yet.

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