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By Tom Knighton

The National Rifle Association is in a tough bind. While I doubt the organization is going to go away any time soon, the state of New York’s efforts to curtail the group’s ability to do business certainly isn’t going to help it stick around.

Earlier today, we noted that Governor Andrew Cuomo essentially admitted that this whole thing was personal following a blatant attempt at misrepresenting the Carry Guard insurance.

Now, The Trace is reporting that Lockton, the company that had insured the Carry Guard program, is basically saying the NRA was asking for it.

The NRA and Lockton have also taken their own messy divorce to court in a separate suit. That battle is notable for what it reveals about the extent of the gun group’s current isolation.

In the NRA’s depiction, Lockton failed the gun group, which trusted the broker not to run afoul of local laws when devising and marketing insurance. Lockton breached its contract, the NRA alleges, when it caved to New York’s bullying and ended a longstanding “mutually beneficial” relationship. In its own filings, the insurance firm puts its decision to sever ties in a different light. Lockton argues that the NRA brought …Read the Rest

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