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( WEST POINT, MS – The late summer/early fall planting season is quickly approaching, and for those that live in the far North, it’s here. Preparing a good seed bed is an important and often underappreciated step of the planting process. The following are tips for better soil preparation for planting seed this season.

It is really tough to prepare a good seed bed when trying to disc or till under massive amounts of green vegetation. A disc or tiller simply can’t work as it is supposed to with the tonnage of grass and weeds in the way. A properly timed, non-selective herbicide application can kill the unwanted weeds and dry them down so equipment can function much more efficiently, saving a lot of tractor/ATV time and fuel.

Many who are unfamiliar with herbicides are afraid of spraying a non-selective herbicide like Roundup® (glyphosate) in fear that it may affect their planting. Glyphosate is a contact only herbicide and has no soil or residual activity. In other words, if it doesn’t touch the green tissue of a living plant it is ineffective. This allows for spraying very close to planting time to help the plot get a jump start on any …Read the Rest

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