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By Jessica Nyberg

Follow the Culture of Guns on Instagram - @Milspec_Mojo
Follow the Culture of Guns on Instagram – @Milspec_Mojo

U.S.A.-( It’s amazing all of the opinions and theories about guns that you find when you go on Instagram, or any social media outlet. Honestly, the more I dig to find out who the average American who shoots guns for fun, in competition, or as a job is, the more intriguing I find it.

That is why I found Don Majillo, aka milspec_mojo, on Instagram to be someone I wanted to interview and find out more about why he does what he does. He has many videos on Instagram that are packed with energy and information. While teaching others to shoot is his passion, for the past year, Don also has worked as a DoD Police officer. His enthusiasm for shooting was passed down from his father at a young age.It was reinforced when he joined the Marine Corps, where he excelled in marksmanship and physical training.

Jessica: How did you get into shooting and training?

Don: I got into shooting thanks to my dad. He introduced me to guns at a young age, he taught me safety and how to use them properly and that set the hooks in. …Read the Rest

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