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fn, fn 509, fn 409 tactical pistol

In early 2017, FN announced its 509 pistol. Then, in July of this year, came the 509 Tactical variant. Now the line has expanded yet again, this time with a model designed exclusively for law enforcement: the FN 509 Simunition training pistol.

FN 509 Tactical pistol, reflex sight


FIRST LOOK: The Full-Sized FN 509 Tactical 9mm Pistol Arrives

Developed in partnership with General Dynamics Ordnance and Tactical Systems, the FN 509 Simunition is pitched in the presser as ideal for law enforcement agencies who want their officers to get a “more realistic training” experience. The gun pairs the FN 509 fire control, frame and magazine with the Simunition—a General Dynamics brand—slide, in order to give it the ability to fire the proprietary 9mm FX marking rounds.

“The FN 509 Simunition pistol gives agencies the ability to train their officers for force-on-force scenarios in real-time,” FN’s senior director for law enforcement sales. “This ability provides a great training benefit for our agencies …Read the Rest

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