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By John Farnam

FN 509 Pistol

John discusses his first impressions with the FN 509 Pistol

FN 509
Defense Training International, Inc
Defense Training International, Inc

Ft Collins, CO –-(

FN 509 Pistol

SIG, with its flagship pistol, the 320 (which currently has neither a jointed, nor a tabbed, trigger), is in the process of discovering this the hard way!

I like the FN 509, and I’ll probably be carrying a copy before long.

Good competition makes good products! The entire cadre of modern production service pistols, Glock, SIG320, FNS, FN509, H&K VP9, Walther PPQ and PPS/M2, S&W M&P, SAXD and XD/M, Canik TP9SF/Elite, CZ P10C, Kahr, Ruger AA, Beretta APX, I can recommend.

All are acceptable and suitable for serious use, including concealed carry, but none are “perfect.”

I don’t see a return to hammer-fired pistols with manual decocking-levers any time soon. That era is long-over.

Double-action revolvers still work just fine, but have their limitations.

And, the dwindling 1911 crowd will be around for a long time to come, but every year, they all get one year older!

“Today’s ‘advanced weapons’ are tomorrow’s museum exhibits!” ~ Anon

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