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By Andrew Shepperson

Brevard County Sheriff Wayne Ivey. (Photo: Brevard County Sheriff’s Office/Facebook)
A Florida county sheriff is urging citizens to carry firearms in order to defend themselves in case of another attack like the one that occurred at an Orlando warehouse last week.
Brevard County Sheriff Wayne Ivey posted a video to Facebook on Wednesday, two days after an Orando workplace shooting left six people dead, including the shooter.
In the video, Ivey called on the American people to arm themselves in preparation for the next active shooter or terrorist attack.
“Folks, now more than ever is the time for our citizens to be prepared to serve as the first line of defense, not only for them but for their families when the attack happens,” Ivey said. “And let me be perfectly clear: doing nothing or just hoping it won’t happen to you, is not going to save your life.”
As images of the Fort Lauderdale airport and Pulse Nightclub shooting flashed on screen, Ivey warned that such attacks are “happening all around us” and that the next attack is inevitable, its time and place unknown.
“In my book, what’s next is to fully understand that this is war, and you better be prepared to wage war to


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