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By George

NAPLES, FL (AJC) – Man’s best friend found himself up against the ultimate alpha dog– a 7-foot gator.

The Naples Daily News reported that Carbon, a black lab, was cooling off in a lake when he bumped into trouble with the gator.

Lucky for him, Donald C. Copps, who was watching Carbon for a friend, jumped in to help.

North Naples man helps save dog from golf course alligator

— Naples Daily News (@ndn) February 15, 2017

Carbon’s left thigh was bit before getting away, the Daily News reported.

As for Cobbs, he told the Daily News, “By the time I gathered my senses, the dog was out of the water and I’m in it up to my chest, just feet from the gator.”

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As a black lab owner, I’d like to think that I would have done the same thing in this situation.

I love my labs more than most (if not all) people, and no gator is going to take them away from me.

It’s evident how amazing these animals are when the guy that put his own life in danger to save the dog wasn’t even the owner!

Talk about a great friend.

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