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By Bob Owens


Oh, Florida Man, you never seem to learn.

A man shot at least 18 times at someone who had stolen his pickup truck early Monday from an apartment complex, the Winter Garden Police Department said.

The shooting happened shortly before 5:30 a.m. when a man heard someone stealing his vehicle, Winter Garden police Lt. Scott Allen said.

The man got into another vehicle and then chased the suspect to West Colonial Drive and Daniels Road, where the suspect rammed the stolen truck into the man’s vehicle, Allen said.

Investigators said the victim then shot at the thief 18 times, but it’s unlikely the suspect was struck.

“He’s advising he was in fear for his life when the vehicle rammed him, and he took the actions he took,” Allen said. “We’re looking into all aspects of the investigation.”

Instead of simply trailing the vehicle and relaying it’s location to police and allowing the authorities to do their jobs, Florida Man decided to cut off the stolen vehicle and try to stop the thief himself. The thief then rammed the stolen truck into the man’s vehicle, and the man retaliated by firing 18 times at the man in the stolen truck after the collision.

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