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By Lee Williams

by Lee WilliamsRepublican lawmakers in Tallahassee are now showing strong signs of support for the unlicensed carry of concealed handguns by law-abiding Floridians, according to sources familiar with the discussions. However, these same lawmakers strongly oppose the open carry of handguns or other weapons.Gov. Ron DeSantis has promised to sign a constitutional carry bill if the Republican-controlled state legislature can get one to his desk, and now it appears as though we are closer than we have ever been before.While this is definitely a step in the right direction and might be seen by some as cause to celebrate — finally — it is not the “Gold Standard” of constitutional carry seen in other states, which allow their law-abiding citizens to carry firearms openly or concealed without a permit or license. In other words, these states allow their citizens to decide for themselves how to exercise their constitutional rights.Will watered-down constitutional carry appeal to most Florida gun owners? Of course, it will. It would be a huge victory. The thought of not having to bend a knee and beg permission from the Crown to sell us back our God-given, constitutional rights is refreshing. Still, the thought of politicians regulating how

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