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By Tom Knighton

The thinking behind red flag laws is simple. You simply disarm the dangerous people so they can’t hurt folks. It’s as simple as you can get.

However, simplicity is often illusionary. The simple nature of red flag laws only goes skin deep. When you look at the application of such measures, they get a whole lot more complicated. The actual use of these laws is the subject of much debate, something that will likely continue for ages to come.

It doesn’t help that success for these laws appears to be primarily measured in how many guns are taken from people.

Take, for example, Florida. They passed a red flag law in the aftermath of the Parkland Massacre among other ill-advised gun control measures. Now, supporters appear to be quite proud of how often the law has been used.

Once, this would have seemed unlikely in the “Gunshine State,” known for lawmakers in lockstep with the National Rifle Association. But since Florida enacted its “red flag” law in March 2018, thousands of guns – handguns, shotguns, hunting rifles and the kind of semi-automatic weapons used in mass shootings across America – have been given up or taken by authorities.

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