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By Tom Knighton

Florida has long been unofficially known as the “Gunshine State” for its generally pro-gun status. While it wasn’t as pro-gun as many places–waiting period, I’m looking at you–it’s still a state with a pro-gun attitude. This is despite the knee-jerk legislation passed through in the emotional wake of the Parkland massacre.

However, anti-gun groups appear to believe the emotional wake is still taking place. Why else would they launch a ballot initiative to ban so-called assault weapons?

The groups, Americans for Gun Safety Now and the unambiguously-named Ban Assault Weapons Now, said in a joint statement released this week that they were formed during the advocacy wave that surged following the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting that left 17 dead in the state in February. Working together, they hope to gather enough signatures to put the initiative in front of voters for a yes or no vote that, if successful, would enact a statewide ban.

“The assault rifle, and its ability to fire approximately one hundred rounds a minute, can be purchased legally with no proof of training, no background check, and no regulations what so ever,” said Gail Schwartz, BAWNs chair, and …Read the Rest

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