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German WWII P38 Hardshell Black Leather Holster :

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Florida Getting Riled Up Over Open Carry!
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AmmoLand Gun News

United States -(

German WWII P38 Hardshell Black Leather Holster :

Provocative Ways To Protest

1. Open carry of black powder antique-style revolvers either made before 1899 or their replicas may be openly carried, even without a license to carry!

Caveat: These weapons are outside the definition of “firearms” under state law, and therefore may be restricted by local ordinances, so check the city or county you are in to make sure you will not be breaking any local laws by carrying them. Also, do not put any modern accessories such as sights or grips on these revolvers just to keep them firmly in the antique category.

Note: If you want to carry them loaded, you don’t have to deal with messy black powder. You can use Pyrodex Pellets as the propellant.

2. Modern pistols merely need to be completely covered to be considered “concealed“. That means you can openly wear a pistol shaped holster on your hip in full view, as long as it hides your Glock, M&P, Beretta, etc. – every bit of it.

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