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By Ammoland

Stand Your Ground Law

Opinon by Marion Hammer

Florida Democrats Did an Awesome Election Favor for Stand Your Ground & Republicans

Flordia – -( The anti-Second Amendment, Democrat politicians who demanded that the Legislature vote on calling a Special Session to repeal Florida’s Stand Your Ground self-defense law either unwittingly or intentionally provided a great service to Republican incumbent Legislators.

Republican incumbents who previously had NRA ratings of A or A+ and voted in favor of SB-7026, the so-called “school safety” bill that contained gun control provisions, had their ratings dropped to a “C.”

The vote on the Special Session was essentially a vote on the repeal of the Castle Doctrine/Stand Your Ground law.

Therefore, Republican incumbents who voted against calling a Special Session are eligible for a grade increase up to a “B-.”

As voters are heading to the polls in the Primary, they can be confident in the knowledge that they know exactly where their elected officials stand on the important constitutional right of self-defense. Primary grades were changed immediately.

When the grades have been posted for the General Election, incumbents will have been re-graded to reflect the vote on the call for a Special Session.

Democrats gave an incredible gift to Republicans by providing the opportunity …Read the Rest

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