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By Ammoland Editor Joe Evans

Flextone Ol' Bushytail 4-N-1 Squirrel Call
Flextone Ol’ Bushytail 4-N-1 Squirrel Call

Flextone Game CallsNEW ROADS, La. -( Old school squirrel hunters honed their skills through stealth and observation. They walked the woods slowly and patiently – watching for sign and listening for the squirrels that were there, but wouldn’t always show themselves.

These hunters’ shooting skills were sharp. Squirrels would certainly be brought home for the pot – if only they’d present themselves for a shot.

Today’s hunters would do well to study and practice these time-honored skills of stealth and observation. Knowing how to move in the woods while recognizing and interpreting the signs left by game are fundamental skills.

But modern calling sure does make squirrel hunting a lot more fun and productive. Squirrels are very vocal critters, and it usually only takes one to start the whole bunch talking – precisely what a squirrel hunter needs to start sniping.

Striking up conversations with every squirrel in the woods has never been easier. Flextone’s new Ol’ Bushytail 4-N-1 Squirrel Call easily and effectively reproduces the barks, whines, alarm chatter and distress cries of both fox and gray squirrels.

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