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Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership (TRCP)

Conservation leaders at White House Drought Symposium urge administration to pursue win-win solutions that benefit fish and wildlife habitat

Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership (TRCP)
Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership
Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership

Washington, DC -( With water resources in the western United States stretched to a breaking point, due to over-allocation, sustained drought, and population growth, the National Drought Resilience Partnership (NDRP) worked with the Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership to bring nearly 40 diverse stakeholders together at the White House Drought Symposium last week.

Participants discussed the federal government’s role in building drought resilience into our water management systems, as well as steps that federal agencies should take to forestall future drought crises.

“Last week’s symposium underscored the importance and value of addressing difficult issues, like the sustained droughts in the West, collaboratively and constructively,” said Doug Robotham, water policy director at The Nature Conservancy. “Symposium participants from a diversity of perspectives freely exchanged ideas and solutions, which gives hope that we can meet the needs of people, irrigated agriculture and the environment if we truly work together.”

“A common theme discussed at the symposium is the need to focus federal actions in ways that reduce risk, create flexibility, …read more

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