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By David Codrea

By David Codrea

Curious, how the media lauds a “study” and yet ignores the one authority with the numbers to challenge it. (Crime Prevention Research Center/YouTube)
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USA – -( A purported study “claiming right-to-carry laws increase violent crime” is “flawed and misleading,” an assessment by Crime Prevention Research Center responds. Yet despite serious concerns over methodology and bias, the media is spreading it far and wide, negatively influencing public perceptions on the right to bear arms.

“It has been covered in Newsweek, The Atlantic, Bloomberg, Vice, Snopes, and many newspapers such as Newsday and the Salt Lake City Tribune,” the research and education organization headed by economist and author John Lott observes. “As is typical … there is no attempt to mention or respond to prior criticisms, and he just repeats the same, seriously biased methods and errors.

“[W]hen the media explicitly describes a study as ‘debunking’ John Lott’s previous research, you might think a reporter would call up Lott and get his take on it,” CPRC further observes. “It has been two weeks after the Donohue-led research started getting attention, and not a single reporter has contacted him.”

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