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By CN Staff

How much do you accessorize your concealed carry handgun?

Accessories, when talking about a pair of cuff links or a nice pair of shades, sound superfluous. They’re something we do in addition to the main thing to make ourselves stand out.

That isn’t the case in concealed carry. The whole point of carrying a concealed handgun is to hide it from plain sight. However, red dot optics, mounted lasers, flashlights and extended magazines undoubtedly have a force multiplying effect when placed into the situation of needing to put rounds reliably on target.

After all, that gun is there to save your life.

When your life or the life of someone near you is in clear danger — what’s in your holster?

The Role of the Flashlight

Flashlights are primarily effective to illuminate a target. They can also blind or distract a target caught in the beam. In enclosed indoor spaces or around morning or dusk, the addition of a flashlight can help distinguish friend from foe.

The problem with bottom-mounted flashlights is that they make your existing holsters useless. Any holster that’s molded to the gun — in order to give a high retention grip — will be ineffective the second a flashlight gets added.

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