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By Robert Farago

Mrs. Richardson (courtesy

“A local mom called us upset about what she saw in an ad delivered to her door,” Florida’s reports. “Rita Richardson described her reaction to the JC Penny circular, ‘I did a double take when I saw the ad for this shirt right on the front page.’ The shirt that has Richardson fired up says, ‘suns out guns out,’ a reference to muscles for a sleeveless tee-shirt. But Rita feels the shirt sends a different message. ‘I just thought it was sad that a major retailers like JC Penny would want its brand associated with something that advocates, glorifies gun violence.’” And the correct response would have been to . . .

tell Mr. Richardson that “guns” refers to biceps muscles, thank her for thinking of wpvt and hang-up the phone. Needless to say that’s not how it went down . . .

We reached out to JC Penny for comment, but have not heard back. And we were able to find the shirt being sold at a local JC Penny store.

Richardson says she is a loyal JC Penny shopper adding, “That’s why I read their ad and look for sales, but they could just give this some …read more

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