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By Jeff Wood

Marksmanship is all about hitting the target and requires an understanding of the fundamentals and sometimes even some training by professionals. It also helps to have the right gear on hand.
We’ve gathered together some tried and true tips to help you select the best products to improve marksmanship.
Choose the Right Platform
With so many great rifles manufactured today, the right platform could come from almost anywhere. When choosing a rifle, select one that fits you and has the requisite features and accuracy for your intended purpose. The length, caliber and even weight of the rifle all depend on your activities.
If shooting from standing or intend to lug the firearm into the field, you may want a lightweight rifle. On the other hand, if you plan on entering the competitive shooting circuit, a heavier gun may be an advantage.
The right rifle helps shooters produce clean shots. Although a dated platform, don’t rule out legacy bolt-guns as being very capable shooters. (Photo: Kristin Alberts/
Be it for hunting, target, or competition, it is important to have the proper length of pull, cheek weld, etc. so that you can handle and control it accurately. The rifle should be configured to provide proper sight alignment for


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