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By Bob Owens

Rock has posed a selfie of every time he's been pulled over in the past year.

A number of years ago, comedian Chris Rock did a segment for his show, entitled, “How not to get your a** kicked by the police.” Clearly, he knows what he’s talking about. Rock has been pulled over three times within the past year, and has not “gotten his a** kicked by the police” even once.

Why? He was smart enough to follow his own advice.

Rock has posed a selfie of every time he’s been pulled over in the past year.

Unfortunately, the video he did was clearly not specific enough for some people.

Three teenagers were shot in a truck. Another teen was shot after a brief chase and an alleged carjacking. A fifth man took a bullet when he disobeyed orders and refused to pull his hand from his pocket.

Over 48 hours this past weekend, three South Florida police officers — two from Miami-Dade and one from South Miami —fired bullets that struck five victims. Police said in each case the officer feared for his life.

The five victims lived, with bullet wounds in arms and shoulders and upper torsos. All were arrested and charged with crimes ranging from resisting arrest without violence to grand theft, to aggravated assault …Read the Rest

Source:: Bearing Arms

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