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By GDC Staff

Difficult weather, retrieving dogs, ducks, and geese…we could only be discussing one thing in this article – waterfowl hunting. While it’s true that semi-automatic shotguns dominate the arsenals of most dedicated waterfowlers, there’s still plenty of room for those with love for pumps and Over/Unders. When the name of the game is durability under duress, these guns have you covered.
Browning Auto 5 Semi-Auto
The Browning A5 is a versatile series with plenty of options for burgeoning waterfowl hunters.
For over 100 years, John Browning’s Auto-5 or A5 semi-automatic shotgun platform has taken down every kind of game and bird imaginable. The trademarked “humpback” design is immediately recognizable while the recoil-driven action sees both the barrel and bolt recoil together.
Though older round-knob Belgian versions of the Auto-5 are most collectible, Browning still produces the gun to this day in several durable finishes and iterations with modern embellishments as well. The Wicked Wing camo, Cerakoted version with oversize controls is a waterfowler’s dream.
Plus, the 100,0000-round guarantee on the new A5 is hard to beat in the industry. Look for the A5, priced around $1,500, for waterfowling success.
Winchester SX3 and SX4 Semi-Autos
The Winchester SX series brings a durable, proven design


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