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By Jacki Billings

Alyssa Nitschelm poses with a Rocky Mountain Goat she harvested. (Photo: Nosler)
Standing in the kitchen beside her dad, Alyssa Nitschelm could barely process what lay before her — results for the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife big game hunting draw.
Nitschelm had never hunted before but applied for various controlled hunts tags through the ODFW to spend some time in the woods with her dad, a bonding experience for father and daughter. As she flipped through the denied application requests for deer, elk and pronghorn she mostly resigned herself to the fact that she wouldn’t be heading out to harvest any special animals this season.
“I naturally asked my dad to help me apply to these controlled hunts. He helped me choose each hunt series to apply for,” Nitschelm said in a press release from Nosler. “The only expectation I had was to spend quality time with my dad, absorb new information and possibly get the chance to appreciate some beautiful animals and country.”
Continuing to scroll down the list, Nitschelm was met with the shock of a lifetime — she had been selected for the Rocky Mountain Goat tag. A rarity among Oregon hunters, thousands apply for the tag each year,


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