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By Don McDougall

First Time Gun Owners Guide to Choosing a Pistol Caliber
First Time Gun Owners Guide to Choosing a Pistol Caliber

U.S.A.-( You can choose ANY round and make a case for it. Do you want REAL penetration? .41 mag, you want penetration in an auto? .357 Sig. Do you want conceal-ability? A .32 or .25 will do you best.

So as an old experienced NRA instructor, with a bit more gray in my hair than I like to think about I’m going to tell you a secret. It’s all crap. Pick the gun that best fits your hand in the largest caliber you can COMFORTABLY handle.

People have different size hands and length fingers. Hand strength varies. Personal centers of mass are different and affect how we react to recoil. These things all effect shot placement and follow up. While I have my views on .45 Vs. 9mm, the simple fact is two to the chest is better than a miss and a through and through that grazes the side regardless of the caliber you select.

For a 1st-time gun buyer step one, go to the range and rent and shoot EVERYTHING. From a Shield to a Glock to a 1911 to a GP101. Try them all. If you don’t have …Read the Rest

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