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SureFire has introduced a new addition to its line of SOCOM Fast-Attach sound suppressors: the SOCOM300 SPS.

The new SureFire SOCOM300 SPS is a .30-caliber suppressor that features highly specialized baffles designed to create a longer dwell time within the suppressor, making it one of the quietest suppressors ever devised for .300 AAC Blackout (both subsonic and supersonic), .308 Win. and .300 Win. Mag. It is also effective when paired with the 5.56 NATO cartridge.

The SOCOM300 SPS suppressor is constructed of Inconel, a high-temperature alloy; and stainless steel, resulting in a very lightweight device that adds only 6 inches to the overall length of the firearm on which it’s mounted. For added durability, the SOCOM300 SPS has been fabricated using computer-controlled welding and incorporates a corrosion-resistant coating of Ionbond DLC and a Cerakote ceramic finish.

Designed to attach quickly and easily, the SureFire SOCOM300 SPS suppressor features a precision indexing system for solid mounting to a compatible SureFire SOCOM series adapter, which acts as a muzzle brake or flash hider when the firearm is unsuppressed. The patented fast-attach system requires no tools and utilizes an index tab located in a low-carbon buildup area, allowing for easy …read more

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