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By Dennis Adler

Springfield Armory has had a string of successes with its subcompact XD-S pistols. Both the original .45 ACP and later 9mm subcompact models have become a standard for larger-caliber concealed carry and backup use. All that was missing for law enforcement was a .40 S&W model, which has joined the XD-S series in 2016.

As with previous XD-S semi-autos, the .40-caliber version shares the same dual external safety mechanisms: Springfield’s Ultra Safety Assurance (USA) blade-style trigger mechanism and a secondary grip safety. Both must be engaged in order for the XD-S to discharge, thus this is a very secure sidearm to handle in the field.

Another advantage is that the Springfield’s ambidextrous magazine release does not employ a disconnector, and the XD-S will discharge a chambered round with the magazine removed.

While the .45 ACP XD-S maintains a reasonable 5+1 standard capacity, the new .40-caliber XD-S ups the count to 6+1 with the flat-floorplate magazine and 7+1 with the extended magazine (the gun comes with one of each). The seven-round magazine also increases the grip length by 0.78 inches, allowing a full-hand grip for most shooters.

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