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By Chris Eger

The ISSF held their first ever Target Sprint world championship last weekend. (Photo: J. G. Anschütz GmbH & Co. KG)
The International Shooting Sport Federation held the first world championship summer biathlon event last weekend, combining running and rifle target shooting.
The event, held in Suhl, Germany, and referred to officially by the ISSF as Target Sprint, makes competitors run a 400m track, then take their rifle from a storage rack and shoot at five falling targets from a 10m standing position with a time penalty for each missed shot. The athlete then repeats the lap and shoots again, followed by another lap to the finish line.
Competitors make three laps on a 400m course, broken up by two courses of fire. (Photo: ISSF)
Shooting is done with a set of five targets, with 15 rounds from 10m. Penalties for missed targets add to the competitors’ time. Rifles are racked between shoots. (Photo: ISSF)
ISSF Vice-President Gary Anderson, at the event’s opening ceremony last week, said the Target Sprint adds overall fitness to more traditional shooting events and encourages younger athletes into the discipline.
“Target Sprint represents an ISSF commitment to also include action and fitness in the shooting sport,” said Anderson. “Its healthy combination of


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