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By Nick Leghorn


In a logical and just society laws would be designed to punish bad actions, not try to predict the future and punish people for merely having scary looking objects that might possibly be used in the commission of a crime. The first time I was exposed to malum prohibitum laws was when I started picking locks in my spare time and found that lock picks were deemed similarly evil and dangerous tools that lawmakers decided to ban (rather than simply prosecuting burglaries). Last year Colorado passed a law making the mere possession of a “high capacity” magazine a crime, and now we’ve seen the first arrest of someone under that statute . . .


From The Coloradoan:

The man accused of threatening to burn down a college campus building in Fort Collins has been charged with illegal possession of a high-capacity magazine, marking the first time the charge has been filed in Northern Colorado since controversial legislation was signed into law more than two years ago.

The Larimer County District Attorney filed the charge last week against 29-year-old David Moscow, who was arrested after a psychologist reported him to police and said he was making threats about …Read the Rest

Source:: Truth About Guns

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