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By Kyle Lamb


Physiological and psychological expertise is not one of the entries I plan to put on a resume to go to work at the local Walmart; I wouldn’t venture into this arena with regard to law enforcement or the military’s so-called experts in this minefield either. That being said, I am going to go ahead and jump on this hand grenade. All that I can speak of are past experiences, mine and those around me. We ventured into very stressful situations, and on most nights, we backed out of harm’s way in one piece (mostly). So, what separates a highly skilled military operator from Joe on the street? What I surmise, in most cases, is having the correct equipment for the mission set at hand and, more importantly, the training to deal with these events. Military personnel are citizens first and soldiers second — at least before they join the military. So, in reality, they are that guy on the street until they are sworn in to support and defend. After that, the indoctrination starts to take effect. Indoctrination is a great word; it makes the bleeding hearts tremble and most think of Mao Zedong or some other monster who has …Read the Rest

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