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By Rob Morse

Women Shooter Self Defense Gun

By Rob Morse- training

Women Shooter Self Defense Gun
Slow Facts
Slow Facts

Louisiana –-( The Self Defense Gun Stories Podcast brings you examples of civilian self-defense. Episode 64 features self-defense instructor Amber Kunau.

Ordinary people protected themselves and the people they love. Were these gun owners lucky, or were they trained and prepared? What should we do if we were in their place? Listen and find out. (13 minutes)

All three victims survived lethal attacks..because they had a gun.

  • First story- Are you armed at home in the afternoon? It is just after dinner when you hear someone coming through your front door. You ask the stranger why he entered your house. He pulls a stun gun and shocks you..several times. You fall to the floor. The robber starts gathering your possessions. After a minute you can stand. You grab your gun and defend yourself.
  • Second Story- Do you have a gun nearby early in the morning? You hear a loud bang. You’re not sure what it means until you hear people inside your apartment. It’s …Read the Rest

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