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Firearms, Freedom and Family: The Values That Drive Daniel Defense

Note: This article was originally posted on NRA Blog:

Firearms, Freedom and Family: The Values That Drive Daniel Defense

USA -( Daniel’s journey into the firearms industry began when an unexpected opportunity inspired enterprising ingenuity. The roots of Daniel Defense, now a global leader in premium AR-15-pattern rifles and components, lie in Marty’s passion for shooting and being business savvy, turning a few spare custom rifle parts into a business that achieved $73 million in sales in 2016.

While Marty and wife Cindy masterfully steer the company towards success, the engine of progress for Daniel Defense is the couple’s commitment to supporting and defending the life’s blood of their very industry: firearms, freedom and family.

The Daniels’ dedication to building the finest firearms possible is matched by their desire to protect the liberties that allow Americans to enjoy them. Profits are important, but people are more important.

People, including the 290 employees ply their expertise at the company’s facilities in Black Creek, Georgia and Ridgeland, South Carolina, to turn out the revered rifles and gear that bears the Daniel name.

People, such as those who exercise their Second Amendment rights through the enjoyment of the …Read the Rest

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