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By Tom Knighton

Anti-gunners love to try and equate male genitals and firearms for some reason. They often claim they’re phallic symbols even though anyone whose junk looks like a gun needs to see a physician immediately. However, that doesn’t stop them from making the claim.

Such as this charming individual I encountered on Twitter yesterday.

Love guns? You must feel inadequate. #FuckYerGuns #FuckTheNRA @betsyriot

— Betsy Resistance (@Betsy_Shalala) December 5, 2017

To which I replied that yes, I do feel inadequate. After all, my member won’t sling projectiles at 1,200 feet per second toward bad guys, thus it’s inadequate for certain functions.

However, it also got me to thinking about why so many anti-gun women try this tactic. Do they really think we gun owning men equate our sex organs with our guns?

As Massad Ayoob once noted, if a firearm were related to a man’s…manhood, no guy would buy a gun with a two-inch barrel. He’s right.

But that’s not really what it’s about.

The attempt here isn’t because anyone actually thinks male reproductive organs or guns really have anything in common. What they’re trying to do is use a picture of gun owners as almost all male and …Read the Rest

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