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By TheFireArmGuy

I had the opportunity to review the Rex Zero 1 last year at Shot Show 2016 and became very interested in it’s design and function. Immediately I thought this pistol was a Sig copy for a couple hundred dollars less but the more I looked into the pistol, I learned the Rex Zero 1 was a one of a kind handgun that was getting amazing reviews. As it’s popularity grew over the past year, reviewers were raving over it’s reliability and accuracy. To top it off, many people on my channel were requesting a Rex Zero 1 review based on all of the positive coverage.

I thought, how great could it possibly be as it is joining a crowded class of alloy framed double action – single action hammer fired pistols? Oh sure it has some nice features, feels great in the hand and has a smooth trigger but is it really in the same class as CZ, Sig Sauer and Lionheart? Yet the reviews for this gun were overwhelmingly excellent as the requests continued to pour in. Flash forward one year later and what did Arex Arms feature this year at Shot Show 2017? A Rex Zero 1 CP compact …Read the Rest

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