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By TheFireArmGuy

Let’s step back in time to Shot Show 2015 as I clearly recall the enormous buzz about Kimber’s first revolver called the K6s. Kimber hit the ball out of the park with this beautiful six shot .357 Magnum snub nose revolver.

Thousands gathered at the Kimber booth to check it out and Kimber was well prepared for the excitement as they dedicated a large portion of their showcase wall with various grip and finish modifications for the K6s. The area surrounding the wall was as crowded as Walmart during a Black Friday sale as people were pulling triggers spinning cylinders and taking pictures of the new Kimber “wheel gun.” The excitement grew as crowds gathered, knowing full well that something special was being introduced by a company that is world renowned for their high end, superbly functional and outright beautiful 1911 pistols.

Being an impatient man, I was drawn to their excellent line of 1911s as I waited for my turn to get an up close look at the K6s. Eventually, I fought through the crowd to check out the Kimber K6s and upon handling it, I immediately thought, “this is much smaller and lighter than I imagined.” Kimber packed six .357 …Read the Rest

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