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By TheFireArmGuy


FN firearms are highly regarded with many gun experts and enthusiasts throughout America. Their M4A1 carbines are used with our military on the battlefield and their handgun line has many loyal followers siting FN handguns as the best in their class. They are known to be reliable, functional and accurate. However, when FNH decided make a striker fired compact 9mm, the concealed carry world loved the idea and I, for one, had to get my hands on it.

The FNS 9C is a no thrills double stack (12 rds) subcompact 9mm that is a light polymer framed package that carries well. It embodies the characteristics that CCW people are looking for. High capacity mags, snag free ambidextrous controls, large visible sights and a six pound trigger are the main features that drew me to the FNS 9C. Let’s get deeper into the features of this gun.


Caliber: 9 mm

Operation: Double­action

Sights: Fixed 3­dot or Fixed 3­dot night

Magazine: 12 or 17 rds.

Weight: 23.4 oz. (empty)

Barrel Length: 3.6″ Overall Length: 6.7″

Available in Standard and Manual Safety

Made in the USA

The FNS 9C has a grip that is stippled throughout offering a comfortable but yet …Read the Rest

Source:: Concealed Nation

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