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By John Farnam

Firearms Gun Instruction Manual Guide

By John Farnam

Firearm Instruction Manuals vs Real Life
Defense Training International, Inc
Defense Training International, Inc

Ft Collins, CO –-( The Meaning of Words:

In our liticaphobic civilization, liability has become an object of morbid fear on the part of anyone, particularly any business entity with sufficient assets to attract the attention of sleazy, erstwhile-unemployed lawyers.

This civilization is in desperate need of comprehensive tort reform!

Until that day, pitiable causalities are, of course, (1) truth and (2) frankness, and the foregoing is the reason it is nearly impossible to get a straight answer out of “Instructions-for-Use” manuals and “customer-service” representatives from nearly any manufacturer, particularly gun manufacturers.

Lawyers often use “weasel-words” and “weasel phrases,” more to confuse future litigants than to educate and enlighten current users of guns for which they purport to provide instructions. Unfortunately, precious few of those same lawyer/authors even own a gun, much less carry one as part of their daily routine.

Interpretation (more like “translation”) of gun-user manuals has thus become an art in itself, and when reading them one continuously asks himself:

“What are they really trying to say?”

In April of last year, I wrote that manuals provided with all modern pistols are …Read the Rest

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