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Good news — this should eventually help ease the primer shortage. Fiocchi will be building a new primer production center in Arkansas. The new facility will be one of only six primer manufacturing operations in the USA and the only dedicated lead-free primer plant in the world. Fiocchi announced the selection of a 281-acre site in the Port of Little Rock, Arkansas for a new ammunition primer manufacturing facility. Representing a $41.5 million investment and a 120-person workforce expansion, the new primer production center will, eventually, provide much-needed primer supply relief for handloaders. The primers will also be used in Fiocchi’s factory ammo.
Maurizio Negro, Fiocchi Group CEO stated: “This groundbreaking represents another significant milestone in Fiocchi’s long-term plan to strengthen and expand our manufacturing capabilities and to bolster primer supplies not only for Fiocchi products but also to increase supplies for the ammunition manufacturing industry at large.” Part of Fiocchi’s vertical integration strategy, the new primer facility will allow the company to meet internal primer supply needs and provide second-sourcing for industry contracts.
New Plant Will Produce Lead-Free Primers
Fiocchi is a leader in lead-free and heavy-metal-free primers and is the only manufacturer of lead-free primers to receive NATO qualification. The new

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