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By Dennis Adler

With gold-inlaid bands and Colt blued finish, this Colt Paterson sold for $4,500.

The last of the blued first-series America Remembers No. 2 Belt Model revolvers was used as a prototype for the second-series engraved, ivory-handles models introduced in 2004.
One of the second-series guns was done with a slightly aged finish for grip-maker Dan Chesiak.
A commemorative issue, two-barrel cased set with the most accurate of accessories by America Remembers.
Pietta deluxe model with laser engraving, silver-inlaid brands and a polished steel frame and backstrap.

Every story has a beginning, and the story of Samuel Colt begins in the mid-1830s with his first company, established in Paterson, New Jersey, to develop and manufacture America’s first production revolver. Though this venture ended in bankruptcy in December of 1842, Colt’s first revolvers endured, becoming famous in the hands of Texas Rangers throughout the 1840s and establishing a legend that has continued to flourish for more than 170 years. Today, Paterson Colts represent a distinct genre …Read the Rest

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